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Discover the benefits of Soma Training, a progressive wellness training method developed by world-renowned Guy Voyer, D.O.


  • Experiencing joint or back pain?
  • Have a nagging or recurring injury?
  • Looking to increase your flexibility
    or Improve your overall health and wellness?

Soma Training is based upon an osteopathic approach that views and treats the human body as a dynamic global system. It aims to rebalance body systems, reducing pain and improving wellness, recovery, and fitness.


At Peak Soma Training, we specialize in:

Exercises to strengthen muscle tissue and improve function

Guided and controlled movements (proprioception exercises) to improve joint stability and ligament function

Voyer’s Global Postural Stretching to reintegrate movements after injury, surgery, or specific training

ELDOA for all levels of the spine and specific joints in the body

Postural and gait analysis

Myofascial stretching to increase hydration of tissue and improve structural imbalances

Awareness exercises to improve movement, eliminate chronic pain due to poor joint mobility and muscle imbalances, and improve posture

We provide small group classes as well as individual training and programs, with highly specific exercises tailored to your needs and goals.


Whether you’re an office worker or student, an athlete or a sufferer of chronic back pain, Soma is for you.


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About Soma + ELDOATM

Soma Training is a progressive wellness and recovery technique developed by world-renowned osteopath Guy Voyer over 35 years ago. Today it is used to treat acute and everyday back pain, progress athletic performance, decrease recovery time, and improve overall health and wellness.


Soma Training uses a variety of tools, including ELDOA and Myofascial stretching, tailored to the individual needs of the client.


ELDOA postural exercises are designed to create space in the vertebrae of the spine, allowing the joints to hydrate and halt the inflammatory processes that results in back stiffness and pain. ELDOAs can also be used to treat the hips, shoulders and rib cage.


Through a series of postures and positions, ELDOA exercises:

  • Improve posture
  • Relieve chronic and acute back pain
  • Increase spinal wellness
  • Increase strength and flexibility
  • Decrease recovery time


Myofascial stretches are one of the safest and most effective ways to create freedom of movement and balance in the body. With Myofascial stretching, the goal is not to gain flexibility of a muscle, but to improve the quality of the movement of the tissues in relation to one another.


Myofascial stretches:

  • Improve posture
  • Increase range of motion
  • Improve ability to perform tasks with ease
  • Reduce injuries and pain


About Linda

Movement has always been an important part of my life


As a classically-trained ballet dancer for 15 years, I performed professionally with the New York Dance Theatre under the artistic direction of NYC Ballet’s Frank Ohman. My love of movement next found expression in a serious Ashtanga yoga practice, inspiring me to complete two Ashtanga Yoga teacher trainings with Tim Miller and travel twice to study at Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute in Mysore, India.


In 2011, after sustaining a spinal injury that left me unable to sit, stand or walk, I underwent major surgery.  As I sought to return to an active lifestyle and the mothering of two young boys, I discovered the powerful tool of Soma exercise. Inspired by my own recovery, I seek to share my knowledge and experience with others who have had an injury, undergone surgery, or are just wishing to return to the activities they love.


Striving for the best quality of motion for my clients


Today, I gratefully enjoy an active life in the Eastern Sierra, backpacking, rock climbing and cross-country skiing.  My goal with Peak Soma Training is to impart the best quality of motion possible to each client, providing knowledge they can take away with them. As my teacher, Guy Voyer, D.O., reminds his patients and students, “You are your own best therapist.”


I’m a Soma Trainer


I have studied directly with Guy Voyer, D.O., participating in the Soma Training program since 2013. I am a certified Soma, ELDOA™ and Myofascial Trainer with a passion for helping people return to the activities they love or find ease of movement in their everyday life.


As a Soma Trainer, I bring a variety of effective techniques and a perspective that is both global and individualized.  As Guy Voyer, D.O., teaches, there is no single recipe for everyone. My clients enjoy individualized attention even in small group settings, and notice immediate results from Peak Soma Training classes and programs. Click here to read their comments.


Why I do what I do


Seeing people feel better, move better, and be more comfortable in their bodies is deeply gratifying. I want to help people become their own therapist and return to the activities that bring them joy.


If you are looking to learn techniques to help bring healing and balance to your body, then we should talk.

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Linda Danner, PhD


Certified Soma Trainer, certified ELDOA™ Trainer and CHEK exercise coach

Whether you are an athlete or office worker, a student or person dealing with chronic back pain, Soma is for you.


Peak Soma Training offers:

  • Individual training tailored to your specific needs and goals
  • Small group classes with a high level of individualized attention


Classes and programs can be sports-specific, focused on rejuvenation and improving awareness, or other needs and goals.


Some of the techniques Peak Soma Training might use include:

  • A tailored, thorough warm-up for the joints and spine
  • Postural awareness
  • Diaphragmatic breathing exercises
  • Myofascial stretches
  • A series of ELDOAs targeting the main three regions of the spine: lumbar, thoracic, and cervical



IF you are

• Experiencing joint or back pain

• Suffering from a nagging or recurring injury

• Looking to increase your ease or fluidity of movement, or

• Determined to improve your overall health and wellness


Soma is for you.


To experience Soma Training and its benefits,

contact Linda Danner, Phd at:




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